Think this post as a list of places and things to do in Toronto coming from a person who recently moved to Toronto and likes exploring around a lot!

Disclaimer: I am not affilitied with any of the places listed here. I also did not get any kind of incentive to share these places.


Toronto offers so many activities to do. It is impossible to list all of them, but here some of the ones that I am sure not too many people know.

  • George Brown College Courses: George Brown offers so many courses from film making, sculpture to baking. You should definitely take a look!
  • Trampoline Hall: Trampoline Hall is quite interesting concept by Misha Glouberman. It has two types:
    • Trampoline Hall Show (classic) where a few people selected before give presentations about subjects that they are not expert in. For example: here were the topics for the Trampoline Hall Show on July 3, 2023: How to Poop in the Woods, Gods & Toys, Small Stories. This gives you great opportunity to learn something that you would have probably never thought and interact with many interesting people.
    • Trampoline Hall This is Not the Show: Think this one as a big social mediated party. There is a faciliator who makes sure that you are going to talk about things that interests you with the likeminded people. It is such an amazing experience!
  • Shut Up & Write: If you like writing and want to be around writers and creative people, then this group is definitely for you! You do not have to be professional author at all to attend. Usually it is organized through MeetUp application.
  • Repair Café: Repair Café Toronto is a grassroots, volunteer group that organizes events where neighbours help neighbours learn how to repair. It does not have a fixed location. You can either volunteer for them or go to one of these cafe’s to learn how to fix that thingy you have been keeping in your garage forever! :)
  • JAM Sports: Jam sports organizes leagues for various team sports based on your level. They also have clinics that teaches you the basics. If you like playing sports, you should try registering for one of the leagues and go for the championship!
  • Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema: Old restored movie theatre screen documentaries & independent movies. Annual membership is quite affordable and they always host interesting weekly events and workshops.

Coffee Shops

If you are like me who prefers coffee shops over bars, then Toronto is the right place for you. Real coffee shops that are not part of a franchise usually designed as a third place. They organize regular community events. Even without events, they are great places to be around people and do your own thing.

  • Bampot House: It is a Anticafe where you paying hourly and allowed to have unlimited coffee and tea + some snacks. Bampot is definitely a community hub. There is always something nice to do in Bampot. If you want to hangout alone, it is also still great place. Very cozy. Just feels like your own living room. One last note, Bampot should be your choice if you want to play boardgames with friends. Trust me! :)
  • Rooms Coffee, 915 DuPont: Cozy Japanese interior design, no visible sign saying it is coffee. Zen vibes. Chess club, music nights. Such a unique coffee shop. Highly suggested!
  • 5 Elements Espresso Bar: What I expect from a coffee shop is it to have some comfy chairs and Friends style couch. Well, this place is a perfect example of this. It has lots of room and usually it is not a problem to find an empty place. Its first floor is very quiet.
  • Found Coffee: Cozy, corner local cafe next to Trinity Bellwoods Park. Their coffees are superb! Hanging out here first then strollign at Trinity Bellwoods Park and Queen West/Ossington is always a good combination!
  • Cafe23: Speaking about Trinity Bellwoods and Queen West, it is impossible to not mention Cafe23. If it is summer time, you should definitely give their patio a chance. I personally do not like going there during winter since it is quite busy. Not the coffee shop vibe you are looking for if you are by yourself.
  • Carbonic Coffee: I like this coffee shop a lot since it gives me a little bit of Mediterranean vibes due to its decor. It has comfy corners. It is a good place to spend time by yourself Promixity to UofT definitely give it good student vibes. IT has delicious and refreshing summer drinks without alcohol.
  • Moss Park Espresso: Italian small local coffee shop sharing the same space with a plant shop. No laptop policy, so not the best place to study or read. They do not allow you to hangout there too long since it has a limited seating place, but great place to get nice coffee and meet your friend on your way to main event. Owner is a great guy. They also make yummy Gelato! Lastly, they have some Jazz nights and other community events.
  • FIKA Cafe: This place is in Kensignton area. It has a nice patio and its interior design is also unique. Nice place to grab a coffee with friends, but not the best place to hang out by yourself.
  • Sumach Espresso: Local coffee shop in Corktown. I do not like their indoor seating much since they have only wood stools and chairs. However, their outdoor seating is decent. Give it a chance during warm weather.


  • Sin & Redemption: Student vibes, lots of craft beers as well as European ones. Prices are not super expensive. If you like craft beer, you should give this bar a chance. Funny side note, this place is right across the church and its name is Sin & Redemption (:
  • Free Times Cafe: It is a restaurant/bar with lots of community events and open mics. Their brunch with live music is a classic.
  • Pamenar: A bar with great outdoor backyard patio in Kensignton. Various cultural events mostly focusing on middle-eastern culture. They always have good tunes!
  • Hair of the Dog: What makes this place standing out is its nice patio. Their drink selection is also not bad. If patio is not open though, it is quite a standard north american bar.
  • Chez Nous: Nice queen east bar, bottle of wines are half price after midnight. Perfect place for date nights.
  • Prenup Bar: Their side patio is what you need during summer in Toronto. You have no idea how difficult it is to find a patio which is not on a main street. It is still a good place to visit during winter too due to their vast beer selection.
  • CineCycle: This place gives me Berlin vibes. It is funky coffee bar, bicycle repair shop & cinema. They screen quite old movies and they host interesting events. If you like underground places, this place is for you!
  • The Chefs’ House: The restaurant on King Street East is operated by students from George Brown College’s Culinary School. It features a cafe, a restaurant, and a bakery.
  • Cafe Landwer: You should try their Shakshuka. It goes well anytime of the day, but I see that most of the people prefer it as a brunch.
  • Khao San Road: Nice Thai restaurant. Pad thai plus thai iced tea is a killer combo to try!
  • Salad King: Not as good as Khao San Road, but Islamic Noodles which is not on the menu is similar to pad thai and portions are huge!
  • Juicy Dumpling: Cheap and tasy Shanghai-style dumplings in Kensignton area. I do not suggest eating in here. Rather order to go and enjoy it outside.
  • The Grapefruit Moon: Your cozy breakfast and brunch place located in Annex area.
  • The Riviera at Toronto Island: This place reminds me of beer gardens in Germany. It is located in Ward’s Island that is to me the best part of Toronto Island. Great place to end a summer day with cold drinks.
  • C’est What: Cozy bar located at Front East. If you need a place to get drinks with friends after work during a workday, you should try this place. They have a lot of cozy seating, but the most unique part is they have an indoor fireplace where you can sit around and hangout with your friends. Imagine it is winter and snowing outside. You worked at the office whole day and finally ready for a drink. You are calling your friends and all of you are gathering together around the fireplace and sipping your beers. What else can you ask? It also have boardgames and billard.
  • Unionville: This cute town in Markham is the perfect place to spend a day. It has bunch of nice patios and restaurants. Do not forget to hike/cycle on Rouge Valley Trail.


For galleries, I have a hot take. In my opinion, the ones in Distillery District are not the best. It is very touristy, and they do not have many unique pieces.

  • Gallery Arcturus: Free art gallery with lots of rooms to check out their art books and chill. They organize some workshops too.
  • TD Gallery of Indigenous Art: Free gallery of indigenous art. If you do not know about the indigenous culture and dark side of Canadian History, you should check this gallery.


  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery: The cemetery between Eglington and St. Clair is such a peaceful place to go for walks and enjoy the nature. It is lovely at every season, but in my opinion, it is the best during autumn season.
  • Evergreen Brick Works: If you like cycling, then you will enjoy the biking trails at this area. There is a little of going up and down though. Just heads up! :)
  • Tommy Thompson Park: I can not believe how underrated this great natural park is. It is huge and there is no car access. Get ready for a long bike ride or walk. I promise you won’t be disappointed once you reach to the end with lighthouse. Highly recommended place for sunset/sunrise!
  • Martin Goodman Trail: One day you should try to cycle from harbourfront all the way to High Park. If you can not do that, at least walk on this trail around Marilyn Bell Park. You won’t believe we have such a hidden gem in Toronto. Feels more like Vancouver to me!
  • Bond Lake: Bond Lake in North York is the perfect get away from the city. It is less than an hour drive from downtown to go there (without traffic). Unfortunately, not the best place to go with public transit.