You need to take the TOEFL, and you have limited time to study. You start to search online for study tips and materials and WOW!. There are too much information and you do not know where to start. Do not worry, I had the same situation, but I managed to solve it. In this post, I will try to explain my own strategy.

First of all, you need to become familiar with the TOEFL and its sections. For this purpose, visit Notefull. In this website, click TOEFL Help - Free Trial and read/watch all materials respectively. Notefull will provide you the background information about the exam and all question types in a detailed manner with specific tricks for each section. Take some notes during Notefull videos and create some templates to use later during practice (especially for speaking).

After getting all the necessary information and tricks, you are now ready to make practice. Please do not forget that, it is only matter of practice for you to get your dream score of TOEFL. Therefore, keep up hardwork and practice as much as possible. Start practising with original TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler. Then, you can visit great chinese website toefl kmf to make more practice. Convert the language of website to English and go for Model Test tab at the top of the website. This website perfectly mimics the original TOEFL system and all the exams in Model Test section are real exams which are used in the past. I personally could say that the difficulty of the original exam is almost same with the exams in kmf. Normally, the website is closed for users outside of China, but you can access it with a VPN. For this purpose, I recommend to use Hola VPN. Do not forget to select VPN location to China! I also recommend to use Google Chrome as a web-browser.

You can see your improvement in Reading and Listening sections as you practice. Nonetheless, knowing where you are and what is your score in Speaking and Writing sections are not possible. Therefore, I strongly recommend to take a feedback in these sections from someone who is familiar with the TOEFL. Otherwise, you might have an illusion that you are good at Speaking or Writing section while in the reality this is quite far away from the truth.

After some time, try to make practice tests in an environment where you are not comfortable and some noise exists in order to simulate real TOEFL conditions. Aside from making practice, you also need to learn to focus even if there exists distraction.

If you can not get your target score, do not be sad. Remember that TOEFL does not measure your proficieny in English. It measures how much you know the exam format. This is sad, but unfortunately true! Therefore, do not lose your hope. Analyze your mistakes and start to practice from the section which you did not perform well.

I hope you will be succesfull!