If you are interested in robotics and want to learn recent research done in the field, I have some suggestions for you to follow.


Robohub is an amazing website to follow robotics research. It provides daily news about robotics, but the best thing I like about Robohub is Robohub Podcasts. While you are commuting to college/work, listening these podcasts informs you about recent work of professors, graduate students and companies in Robotics. You can visit Robohub website using this link. Robohub podcasts can be found in here or you can follow Robohub Channel on Soundcloud. In this way, you also have a chance to listen these amazing podcasts on your mobile phone.

CMU RI Seminars

Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute (CMU-RI) holds excellent seminars regarding all subfields of Robotics. In these seminars, very successfull researchers introduces their recent research in robotics to CMU students. Fortunately, CMU records these seminars and publishes them on their Youtube channel. Please don’t forget to visit CMU RI Youtube Channel. It would be wisely to watch these videos instead of killing time in computer game videos :).

IEEE Spectrum - Robotics

Of course, it is impossible to not mentioning about IEEE Spectrum when the subject is related to engineering. IEEE Spectrum - Robotics provides the newest information about robotics.

Singularity Hub - Robotics

Although it is not updated as frequently as IEEE Spectrum, Singularity Hub - Robotics section can be a good source to discover fascinating work in robotics.

There are many other sources to follow. You can check them via this link. I just tried to give my favourite ones.

Conferences & Journals

I also want to mention about some well-known robotic conferences & journals. Attending one of the conferences would be fantastic, but generally not quite possible. However, even if you don’t attend, you should check later for published papers. They generally don’t make published papers directly available to public in a short time, i.e. it takes some time to reach these papers online. However, you can use previously mentioned sources to follow conferences. These sources usually creates some special edition posts for conferences.

You can learn dates of all IEEE Conferences via this link at “Upcoming Conferences” section.

Here are some of the best Robotics Conferences & Journals that I follow:



Lastly, I would like to talk about ResearchGate website. I can simply say that it is Facebook of scientists and engineers. My favorite thing about this website is when you add your research of interest to your profile, ResearchGate suggests you possible papers regarding your research interest. You can use this link to visit the website. For this purpose, you can use Mendeley as well. Please visit Mendeley Website for more information.

That’s all for this post. I hope you like it. If you know other sources, feel free to use comment section.